Maadhyam Women Support Centre


In response to the challenges that the victims or survivors of Gender Based Violence often face to approach police and existing institutional mechanism created for their benefit at a critical hour, the ISD has conceptualized Maadhyam Women Support Centre as an innovative solution to arrange support services to build confidence and to empower women so that they can withstand the situation and consequentially realize their rights. This innovation to address the persisting problem of violence on women has paved the way for women to escape from the danger on their life and liberty and assert their right to lead a life with dignity. Thus this innovation is a social solution that eliminates gender based violence on women through a package of services and also by way of intervention by various institutions.

It is considered as an innovation because it offers a solution to the problem of little support services available to women who are subjected to one or the other form of gender based violence. Through this innovation ISD offers a package of services that can help women to overcome the problems of the type of violence.

The innovation of Institute for Social Development has been institutionalized in governance as best practice through a formal agreement to run Maadhyam Women Support Centre in the jurisdiction of Commissionerate of Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.